In any field that requires high standards of sterilization, it is essential to maintain air quality and ensure the absence of potential pathogens. For this purpose germicidal ultraviolet emitters through their placement at strategic points protect the environment, leaving an air clean of germs.

Installation is very simple with immediate and silent operation, and the maintenance is limited to changing the lamp when it is exhausted. These attributes make the UV emitters a serious solution to take into account for clean rooms, cooling chambers, places to achieve high levels of security or in the home.

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air Tubular system T200V

Tubular UV-C equipment for indoor air treatment

Uses: Refrigerated rooms, storage of food and beverages, refrigeration of samples

Germicide tubular

aire UFG units

Disinfection and sterilization of the air by HEPA filters and germicidal radiation.

Uses: Animal farms, centers of bird breeding, factories, warehouses

Emisor germicida hermético

aire Wall-modules MGM

Germicidal modules optimal for the disinfection in public spaces or rooms where stay people or animals.

Uses: Tests laboratories, food manipulation, operating rooms, cosmetic labs

Germicida de pared UVGI

aire AIR·35/70

Germicidal cleaner for insertion in conditioned air or ventilation ducts.

Uses: Conditioning air, forced ventilation, conduits and chambers

Desinfección UV para conductos de aire HVAC

aire Adaptaciones PIR

Germicidal installations in existing air ducts.

Uses: Conditioning air, forced ventilation, air ducts

Germicida para alimentos

aire Lamps ERG

Ultraviolet lamps for surface disinfection or air flux in wet or cold areas.

Uses: Air ducts, cooling chambers, food packaging

Desinfección UV para zonas húmedas o frías