Germicidal emitters ERG

Watertight UV germicidal emitter for surface treatment or air disinfection.

Applications: Packaging, air ducts, cold or wet rooms...



  • Amalgam or high emission UV germicidal ultraviolet lamps
  • Lamp life: 12000 hours approx.
  • Easy maintenance, cleaning and lamp change
  • Does not generate ozone or waste
  • Watertight case IP 65 with sealed quartz sleeve high permeability to UV
  • Installation on any surface
  • Mains: 220 volts 50 Hz
  • Optional: special supports

Standard range (ask for variants)

ERG with reflector

Equipped with light reflector for surface disinfection of low temperature or wet areas. Tailored as needed.

Applications: Packaging, conveyors...


ERG with dual-function mechanism

Germicidal emitters equipped with a bifunction hatch for installation in refrigerators or ventilation. For redirection of UV light disinfecting all the room in absence of personnel, or treating exclusively the ventilation system during people stays.

ERG-130A bifunciˇn