HOME Sterilizers

HOME range are reactors made of stainless steel equipped with UV germicidal lamp for water treatment.

They serve for making drinkable the water from local sources as: wells, perforations, captation... Its mission is to make the water network safe after the dechloration, to guarantee the water of rain recycled for its later sanitary use, etc.

Fields of application: private residences, shelters, small collectives...

Water purification


  • Compact housing made of stainless steel
  • 1 germicidal lamp 254 nm (power depending model)
  • Lifetime of lamps: 8000 hours approx
  • bright anodized reflector electro
  • Electropolished bright anodized reflector
  • Powered by electronic ballast
  • Lamp ignition switch
  • Standard 220V protected electrical outlet
  • Power cord 2 meters long