IAM Sterilizers

Developed for the potable water production, the reactors of range IAM allows to disinfect the water from wells, perforations and rain guaranteeing the limits of bacteriological quality before their distribution.

They are adapted for previous treatment, limiting the use of biocides and allowing to control the oxidating subproducts.

Potabilizador municipal


  • Stainless steel reactor with bridle connection.
  • Volume from 8,5 to 550 m3/h
  • UV yield for flow: 40 mJ/cm2
  • Low pressure amalgam UV lamp (power and lamp number variable)
  • Electronic ballasts without starter
  • Signals and alarm contact
  • Digital counter with reset
  • Selective UV sensor (254 nm)
  • UV control monitor with LCD indicator of UV intensity
  • Patented system of watertightness
  • Optional: Internal cleaning device, with manual or automatic drive