IBP sterilizers

Optimal for the water treatment of industrial processes. Its use allows to the disinfection and maintenance of the quality of the stored gross or treated water, contributing to the reduction of chlorine and organic carbon.

Application fields: clarified washing, membranary treatment systems, residual ozone destruction, dechloramination, processes of oxidation of polluting agents...

Ultravioleta para aguas industriales


  • Vertical reactor with easy installation and maintenance, with watertightness patented system
  • Variable maximum flow from 3,2 to 41 m3/h
  • Flow yield: 40 mJ/cm2
  • Optimized UV emission and hydraulic flow
  • UV monosocket lamp with 36 or 120 watts
  • Lamp life: ~13000 hours approx
  • Customizable bridles and connection
  • Optional: UV monitor and receiver with alarm by diodes and dry contacts for data collection