Sterilizers PE

Ultraviolet light reactors for the disinfection of salty or corrosive water. Eliminates the microorganisms without need of chemical products treating all flows.

Application fields: Aquariums, fish farming, thalasoterapy, industry...

Tratamiento de aguas saladas y corrosivas


  • Reactor made of polyethylene PEHD with easy cleanliness and simple change of lamp.
  • Variable flow from 5 to 195 m3/h
  • Performance for the recommended flow: 33 mJ/cm2
  • Electronic ballast and integrated control
  • High output amalgam lamps with long life (~13000 hours)
  • Connection by gyratory bridles
  • Insignificant loss of pressure
  • Optional: UV captator and monitor with alarm by diodes and dry contacts for data collection