Most rooms that may come into contact with people, animals or plants, that are damp or closed; or are near to airflows, are more likely to contain microbes that can sometimes cause several diseases or upsets.

In the places where the sunlight arrives produces a direct disinfection due that the sun rays exterminates the germs and avoids their expansion, but where no sunlight reaches, the use of ultraviolet light-emitting devices will prevent such infections contributing to a better hygiene. This will prevent blooms by fungi, bacteria colonies, etc..

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superfícies Panels PRG

Standard or tailored UV radiant panels for surface treatments in the industry.

Uses: Belt conveyors and packaging

Panel germicida UV

superfícies BM/BH

Mobile systems for ultraviolet disinfection of rooms and chambers in absence of people.

Uses: chambers and cabinets, ambulances, transportation, rooms and hallways

Equipo germicida portátil

superfícies Luminaries RAB

Wallet or ceiling germicidal lights for disinfection and sterilization by ultraviolet radiation.

Uses: Closed rooms, chambers and passageways, disinfection of large areas

Luminaria germicida UV

superfícies ARG torches

Portable ultraviolet light torch for surface sterilization.

Uses: Small confined spaces and volumetric objects

Desinfección UV portátil

superfícies TRG tunnels

UV tunnels with belt conveyor tailored for packaging sterilization

Uses: Lines for packaging, disinfection of receptacles, volumetric objects

Germicida para alimentos

superfícies ERG lamps

Watertight lamps for surface disinfection and air flows in low temperature. or wet zones.

Uses: Belt conveyors, packaging areas, chillers

Desinfección UV para zonas húmedas o frías