Tunnels and bridges TG

UV radiant tunnels with or without conveyor for the surface treatment of volumetric objects like packages, parts, etc. Dimensions and emitting power variable based on usage.

desinfección superficial


  • high output or amalgam germicidal lamps (depending on the process)
  • Lamps powered by electronic ballasts
  • Structure made in stainless steel or aluminum
  • Easy lamp replacement and maintenance of equipment
  • Control cabinet with intensity limiters, hourmeter and indicator of lamp failure
  • Does not generate ozone or waste
  • Power supply: 220 volts 50 Hz
  • Optional: Belt conveyor on a aluminium profile chassis, special supports, internal mirror polished reflectors, touch screen, windows with different gauges...

Bottle disinfection  Can sterilization  Bottle sterilization  Bread disinfection