Applications of the ultraviolet disinfection

The advantages of UVGI disinfection or sterilization by use of irradiation light by ultraviolet germicidal lamps (UVC spectrum) is numerous in all the fields where it is possible to be applied:

In any place with ventilation ducts are accumulated germs. A germicidal system maintains the air clean of bacteria, virus, fungi... avoiding adverse biological effects for the health (what it is known like the ill-building syndrome) and aids to the wellness of people with respiratory difficulties such as allergies, asthma, etc.  In addition contributes with the correct state of your air conditioning, since it reduces costs of energy and maintenance, and assure a cleaner system free of mould, avoiding the bad odours.

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In any stay or public spaces where there is movement of people is easy to find all type of germs. Having an UV installation adapted to the volume of each place to treat contributes to its hygiene releasing it of microbes. Also aids to the elimination of great amount of insects since the ultraviolet eliminates its food and therefore its possible survival.

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In animal farms and veterinary clinics where birds, mammals or reptiles can contract diseases and transmit them to the people by air or superficial contact, it is common to have an atmosphere possibly vitiated by hair, dandruff or feathers. This requires a elevated deparasitation to guarantee the hygiene. For such effect it is very advisable to have a system of ultraviolet disinfection with an effective filtration that allows the collection of those components and clean the air.

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In feeding it is essential to have a purification systems that eliminates any possible germ that can affect foods (fungi, yeasts...); for this function ultraviolet radiation is suitable due its great bactericidal power in any point of the process.

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In hospitals and healthcare centers, the UV is useful eliminating microbes that can derive in sanitary problems like intrahospitable bacterial infections and making disappear allergenics like spores, by the use of air sterilization of stays like rooms, living room, corridors or operating rooms, without generating ozone nor gases to make this work.

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At research and investigation centers the works with substances or materials sensitives of being infected or spread of parasites, needs a environment free of microbial pollution for the samples of study, culturing, essays, etc.

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In liquid and water treatments, the ultraviolet radiation destroys algae and protozoos avoiding its expansion and therefore avoiding the pollution of the liquids.

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In every aquatic habitat to avoid the pollution and diseases in fishes and plants.

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