The disinfection of fluids by use of ultraviolet light has many advantages: it leaves no residue and does not alter the composition or physical and organoleptic properties like other treatments of chemical character do.

The most common application is the placement of an UV reactor in a section of the conduit where the liquid flows. Being a part of the process, no extra time will be spent on special treatments or intermediate steps.

These reactors intercept and inoculate germs as they pass through the ultraviolet beam; UV radiation also destroys algae and protozoa disabling its expansion and pollution.

Vaso de agua

UV reactors are easy to install and require minimal maintenance: just the lamp replacement.

It can be used directly without using other products to eliminate germs or to supplement other purification and filtration systems, reverse osmosis... The ideal place for its location is usually prior to the point of consumption or close to sensitive parts of the process as recirculation pumps, junctions, etc.

We can supply disinfection apparatus for treating any type of water: drinking, rain, 'gray' water... and also for liquids. Here you can find some possibilities of UV light uses depending on the treatment to be performed.

Reactores para aguas

agua Range HOME

UV reactors for the domestic drinking water.

Uses: Wells and local sources, water distribution network, rain for sanitary use

agua Range IAM

UV reactors for municipal drinking water.

Uses: Perforations, captation, network pre-treatment, use of drinkable water

agua Range IBP

Ultraviolet treatment of water for industrial process.

Uses: Process disinfection, wash and clarifiying, production of pure water, chlorine reduction, ozone destruction

agua Range MP

UV reactors for commercial pools and spas.

Uses: Swimming pools, colective spas, public baths

agua Range PE

UV reactors for the treatment of salty or corrosive waters.

Uses: Aquariums, pisciculture, thalassotherapy, industry

agua Range UV

UV reactors for the fresh water treatment without chlorine.

Uses: Residential pools, ornamental ponds, pisciculture, biological pools